NAFA’s International Art Competition 2018 – 17th EDITION  ||  
Be a NAFA member


:: Effective Members 
With lifetime chair, they can vote and be voted. Responsible for the institution administration and for the development of cultural projects, they work as volunteer and are not paid for this service. When a chair becomes vacant, candidates with proven professional activity can submit to the academy their curriculum and the counsel elects the new effective member.
:: Associate Members
What is required:
- To be painter, sculptor or drawer.
 To have more than 10 years of proven activity (exhibitions, xerox of newspapers and magazine or catalogues)
- To pay annual fee of US$ 100,00 dollars
Note: Candidates with less then 10 years of activity will be accepted as Aspiring Members.
- The Diploma of the National Academy of fine Arts member 
- International membership card
- Free admission in european and american public museums (according to each museum's rules)
Most of them have offered free tickets. private museums may give discounts or free entrance
- Right to participate in exhibitions and Art competitions for Associate and Aspiring members (if selected by jury)
- According availability and viability, courses and lectures will be organized for members.

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  • Mostra Bras. ANAP em Roma 2009
  • Pres. da ANAP e Academia Italiana em Roma 2012
  • New York Art Week 2010
  • Edilson e Embaixador Celso em Viena
  • Participantes da mostra no Louvre - Paris 2011
  • Homenagem: Falecido Secretário João B.Francisco
  • Senador Inácio Arruda c/ Pres. da ANAP Edilson E. Barbosa
  • Pres. da Academia Italiana homenageado em Roma
  • Autoridades durante Mostra Bras. em Viena
  • Tv italiana cobre IV Mostra Bras. em Roma.
  • ANAP Homenageia Carolina Blockberger - Viena
  • Participantes da Mostra Brasileira ANAP/Art Link em Roma - 2012
  • Pres. da ANAP discursa na Academia Italiana em Roma
  • Participantes da exposição ANAP em Roma - 2009
  • Cobertura da RAI durante exposição ANAP Roma IT
  • London Art Week - ANAP Artlink 2007
  • Artistas de Poços de Caldas recebem diploma da ANAP 2012
  • Mostra Ispano-Brasileira ANAP Art Link 2008
  • ANAP e Art Link - promovendo nossos artistas
  • Exposição da ANAP no Museu do Louvre - Paris 2011
  • Prefeito entrega diplomas da Exposição em New York 2010
  • Artistas e Diplomatas da Ucrânia e Edilson


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